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COS modelling workshop

Date: January 27th, 2020, Rotterdam

Session 1: Ecosystem modelling

Peter Bosman: Coupled CO2 and COS exchange in a mixed layer model

Ara Cho: SIB4 COS & CO2 fluxes, and a preliminary comparison to ORCHIDEE

Fabienne Maignan: ORCHIDEE modelling

Jerome Ogee: Modelling COS soil exchange

Session 2: Observations

Marc von Hobe: New COS measurements in the Asian troposphere, SH UTLS, and over ocean

Huilin Chen: Measurements done in Groningen…

Sophie Baartman: COS isotopologues

Session 3: Forward Modelling inter comparison

Philippe Peylin: ecosystem model evaluation using LMDz-v3 and atmospheric COS 

Philippe Peylin: First comparison TM5 & LMDz-v3 & LMDz-v6

Session 4: Inversions

Marine Remaud: Inverse Model results LMDZ

Jin Ma: Inverse Model results TM5

Maarten Krol: Remote sensing observations (TES, MIPAS, ACE-FTS)

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