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3rd International COS workshop

From 19-21 September 2022 the COS-OCS project hosted  the 3rd international COS workshop.

Here you will find the workshop program, links to the presentations, and workshop summary documents.

Monday September 19, 2022

Maarten Krol – Welcome

Session: Atmospheric (isotopic) measurements 

Mary Whelan – High resolution OCS (keynote)

Sauveur Belviso - Ongoing decline of atmospheric COS seasonal cycle amplitude over western Europe – implications for surface fluxes

Chinmay Mallik – COS measurements in western India

Alessandro Zanchetta – Vertical profiles of carbonyl sulfide in northern Sweden (HEMERA campaign, August 2021)

 Lunch break 

Peter Sperlich - "New system to measure carbonyl sulfide in air sample flasks from Baring Head and Fiordland National Park, New Zealand"

Chen Davidson – Isotopic evidence for sedimentary sources of COS

Alon Angert – Carbonyl sulfide sulfur isotope fractionation during uptake by C3 and C4 plants

Sophie Baartman – Measurements of COS isotopologues – from biosphere to stratosphere

Coffee & tea break 

Anna de Vries – Carbonyl sulfide; fluxes and isotopic measurements on a forest and wetland in Finland

Eileen Gallacher – COS isotopologue ratios and fractionations

 Marc von Hobe – Measurements of OCS from DMS, biomass burning and anthropogenic emissions in Asia

Christopher Jernigan – Indirect production of OCS from aqueous and gas-phase oxidation of DMS

 Snack break

Murat Aydin – Increase in atmospheric carbonyl sulfide during the last deglaciation

Lei Hu – Seasonal cycle amplitude of CO2 and COS in the arctic

Discussion on COS (isotope) measurements

Tuesday September 20, 2022 

Fun activity in Utrecht (photos Canoeing)

Session: COS interactions with biosphere and soil

Georg Wohlfahrt – COS and optimal leaf gas exchange (keynote)

Roisin Commane – OCS in US forests

Yasmin L. Bohak – Chamber measurements of soil and branch fluxes

Wu Sun – Carbonyl sulfide as a tracer for stomatal behavior

Ara Cho – COS leaf uptake responses to temperature and vapor pressure deficit

Coffee & tea break

Felix Spielmann – The leaf internal conductance to COS

Florian Kitz –Plant roots and litter contributions to the COS exchange

Ulli Seibt – COS as stomatal conductance tracer in a tropical rainforest

Le Kuai – Constraint on northern high latitude gross primary productivity with carbonyl sulfide

Snack break

Discussion on COS biosphere and soil interactions

Wednesday September 21, 2022 

Session: COS modellinghttp://example.com/

Maarten Krol – COS-OCS project overview

Marine Remaud – Simulation of atmospheric COS mixing ratio: Evaluating the impact of transport and emission distribution on COS tropospheric variability using ground-based, aircraft and FTIR data

Peter Bosman – ICLASS: an inverse modelling framework for the Chemistry Land-surface Atmosphere Soil Slab model

Jin Ma – Combined assimilation of COS from MIPAS and NOAA surface observations with TM5-4DVAR

 Lunch break 

Stelios Myriokefalitakis – The global COS budget in TM5

Philippe Peylin – Evaluation of CMIP6/TRENDY model gross primary productivity using atmospheric COS and CO2 data

Camille Abadie – Modelling ecosystem COS fluxes in the ORCHIDEE land surface model

 Discussion on COS modelling & intercomparison studies

Coffee & tea break

Summary of sessions by chairs, general discussion on COS budget, workshop paper?

 Snack break

Continuation of discussion & group photo, closing


Day 1: Measurement session

Day 2: Biosphere session

Day 3: Modelling session

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